No matter how inconvenient, a snow day is stolen time, and stolen time is delicious. I woke up this morning to cancelled classes (again) due to the ice rain, slowly melting as I type.

A writer friend emailed me who read my last blog "Words to Burn," and wrote, "I urge you not to burn your old journals." I had been so sure, when I resolved to burn the old books, full of free-writes and green, unripened poems, that I was completely surprised when I burst into tears of relief. I didn't realize I had been placing a judgement on myself for keeping a couple of bins full of old journals. I became so into the idea of ridding clutter that I overrode my emotional intelligence. I think she is right, someday I will want to look through those books. I wrote back to her, "Thank you for keeping me from breaking my own heart."

I also wrote recently about how Kooser has resurfaced in my life, first by winning a chapbook contest I submitted to, reminding me how much I love his work. I shared his poem, "Abandoned Farmhouse," with my classes and here, and in the words of one student, "that poem is dope." When they handed in their suggestions for the next class, several wrote "more poems like Abandoned Farmhouse." If you teach, you know how amazing it is that they even remembered the title and wrote it down. I consider that a win. For myself, and for Kooser. 

And of course, Kooser has stubbornly remained on the scene. A friend who read my blog sent over this absolute gem, a professional voice-over of "Abandoned Farmhouse." It's beautifully done, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Thanks Micah! For more information about Micah Williams, Voice Over Artist, please contact: